The K Show – Long Haul / Corrid’Art Expo / Fundraiser

In it for The Long Haul: Park Ex’s artist collective celebrates 12 years of creation with art auction   fundraising event

Vernissage: SATURDAY, June 1st, 2013, 6PM – LATE
450 BEAUMONT AVE, 2nd FLOOR, Parc Extension, Montreal.
Come help us celebrate a DOZEN years of existence!
Every spring the Long Haulers put on a show that represents themselves as group. This year’s K show will represent 25 Long haulers and 5 friends of the membership. All the art work will be inspired by K words, all at 1 foot square and all 30 pieces will be up for silent auction, with starting prices at $100!

The auction will launch at 6pm with a special guest MC. Although the auction will close at 9pm, the party will go on ‘til late! There will also be raffle tickets for sale with 8 amazing prizes to win, ranging from jewelry, to large format photographs, drawings and more.

Article in Leonardo Journal

My article entitled “Mobiles, Molecules and the Coalescence of Processes” is appearing in the next issue of Leonardo Journal: . The publication is today’s leading international peer-reviewed journal on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music and, increasingly, the application and influence of the arts and humanities on science and technology. The article can be puchased from MIT press: (Vol. 46, Issue 1) and the site also has links to other mobile images in the Supplementary Content.

I was very happy to be asked to provide a cover image for the issue showing one of my pieces.  Happy reading!


Artist Profile: DITA KUBIN

Among my friends, Dita Kubin is certainly the one who has had the greatest influence on my artistic life – as a critic, an advisor, a muse and an extremely gifted photographer who has documented close to my entire body of mobile work, and continues to do so in her inimitable way. She is the person who arranged for my first public showing of mobiles a decade ago.

Born in what is now the Czech Republic, Dita immigrated to Canada as a child and has made Montreal her home for nearly two decades. After teaching photography at a number of schools, she decided to dedicate herself solely to her private art practice nearly ten years ago, garnishing numerous awards and much critical acclaim.

Dita’s novel techniques, based on both traditional and digital methods, lead to images which appear to be more ‘real’ than visual reality itself. The often blurred figures bathed in her distinctive light do not necessarily correspond to what we see, but rather what we perceive, her delicate alterations mimicking how our emotions distort and colour what enters our eyes during that brief instance before our minds experience it. Indeed, perception is a central theme in much of Dita’s work, who does not hesitate to address uncomfortable or challenging topics such as self-image, the selective nature of memory, or unfulfilled desire. She has an uncanny ability to add an emotional element to any portrait, heightening the viewer’s reaction to the scene, whether it conveys a haunting sense of longing or intense eroticism. Much of her recent work involves self-portraits or, more precisely, the use of her own body as a model or character through which she explores her preferred themes. This results in Dita’s images being lucid documentations of the human condition in profound depth and detail.

I urge you to visit her websites ( and and enter her extraordinary visual universe.

Studio Georgeville Gallery: ART IN MOTION (Vernissage: June 30 Juin, 3-5 pm)

I am showing work at Georgville Gallery (click for website) as part of an exposition entitled “Art in Motion”. The show begins on June 26th and runs through to July 15th. The vernissage is on Saturday, June 30th (3-5 pm) and coincides with Canada day celebrations. I will be there! Georgeville is a beautiful village on Lake Memphremagog in the Eastern Townships. It is less than an hour and a half from Montreal and close to Magog, North Hatley, Knowlton and many other picturesque spots. Come out and enjoy summer in the countryside and take in some great art!

“MOTION” Exposition at Studio Georgeville

I will be showing many pieces, both old and new, as part of the “Motion” show at the Georgeville Gallery in the Eastern Townships which will run from June 26 – July 15. I will post more details shortly!

The “J” Show / Expo “J”

The 11th annual Long Haul / Corrid’Art theme show was a wonderful event, raising substantial funds for the art collective. This year, past members of the collective were invited to submit original pieces to support our cause, and the response was excellent. By the end of the evening, over half of the artwork was sold during the silent auction and many more items were purchased at the ‘Pop-Up Shop”.

We will be holding other fundraising events this summer. Updates will appear here!

Thank you for your support!! Merci pour votre soutien!!


EXPO J / The J SHOW: May 26th / 26 mai

The Long Haul is proud to present its 11th annual thematic group show… EXPO J / The J SHOW: Saturday May 26th, 6 pm
Support an 11 year old art space whose existence is under threat due to, surprise surprise… cuts in gov’t funding.
40 artists / 40 12″x12″(x12″) works, all under the theme “J” (juggle, jaunes, journal, join, jardin, jerk, jelly discs, jump, Juntitled..)
All works starting at $100! One of the gallery rooms will be transformed into a Pop-Up Shop where we will also be selling affordable prints, photography, jewelry, zines, miniature paintings and more.

Vernissage Saturday May 26th, 6 pm until late! Auction: 7:00 to 10:00pm (with special guest MC)
450 Beaumont Ave, 2nd floor, (near Metro Parc or l’Acadie in Parc Extension)
This year we decided to invite a selection of Long Haul alumni to participate in the show… Artists such as Marc Bell, Dana De Kupyer, Mark Slutsky, Jessica Mensch, Dita Kubin, Randall Anderson and others will be gracing the gallery walls with their creations. Feast your eyes on Heidi Daelher’s JERK painting, Vanessa Yanow’s JONGLER collage, Stephen H. Kawai’s delicate JARDIN sculpture, Judith Berry’s scrumptious JELLY DISCS & SAND WORMS painting and many more drawings, paintings, photographs and prints from an overwhelmingly talented crew of artists.
The show will remain up until June 3rd, by appointment only.

The Long Haul/ Le Corrid’art est fier de présenter sa 11e exposition thématique annuelle EXPO J / The J SHOW Samedi, 26 mai, 18 h: UN ENCAN SILENCIEUX, LEVEÉ DE FOND, 40 ŒUVRES, 12’’X12’’
Soutenez un centre d’artistes dont l’existence, après 11 ans, est en péril suite aux coupures dans les budgets culturels gouvernementaux.
40 artistes, 40 œuvres 12’’x12’’ (x 12″) toutes sous le thème « J » (Joie, Journée, Jardin, Jaune…)
Enchères débutant à $100. Une des salles de la galerie sera transformée en « Pop-Up Shop » et de petits items y seront en vente : bijoux, zines, photographies, peintures, miniatures, etc.
Vernissage Samedi 26 mai, de 18 h à très tard! Encan silencieux : 19h à 22h (avec maître de cérémonie)
450 avenue Beaumont, 2e étage (Metro Parc ou l’Acadie) Parc Extension.
Cette année nous avons invité d’anciens membres du Long Haul à participer. Il s’agit, entre autres de Marc Bell, Dana de Kupyer, Mark Slutsky, Jessica Mensch, JD et Randall Anderson. Régalez vos yeux devant la toile JERK d’Heidi Daelher, le collage JONGLER de Vanessa Yanow, la délicate sculpture JARDIN de Stephen H. Kawai, la succulente peinture JELLY DISCS&SAND WORMS de Judith Berry et plusieurs autres dessins, peintures, photographies et impressions de ce talentueux groupe d’artistes. L’expo se poursuivra jusqu’au 3 juin, sur rendez-vous seulement.

LONG HAUL THEME SHOW – Saturday, May 26th

This year’s Long Haul Annual Theme Show is “J”! It will be slightly different from past years’ events – details will be given shortly! Save the date – vernissage on Saturday, May 26th (6 pm – late).

Balance-Unbalance: PROGRAM CHANGE

Due to technical problems and labour policies at the venue, I will not be able to present the “Water Triliogy” or any other mobile work. However, the floor piece “Threat of Extinction by Oil” will be on display (Friday morning to Saturday evening).

Balance-Unbalance 2011 (Concordia University: Nov 4-5, 2011)

I will be presenting some new work at the BALANCE-UNBALANCE conference 2011!  More info as the date approaches.

The BALANCE-UNBALANCE conference will seek to bring artists together with scientists, economists, philosophers, politicians, sociologists, engineers, management and policy experts with the intent of engendering a deeper awareness and creating lasting intellectual working partnerships in solving our global environmental crisis.
Using art as a catalyst, BALANCE-UNBALANCE 2011 will explore intersections between NATURE, ART, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY and SOCIETY as we move into an era of both unprecedented ecological threats and transdisciplinary possibilities.